TIME for Spring at Humble Beast CrossFit

We kicked off the New Year with an evening schedule change and would like to say, thank you. You have all made the transition smooth and pain-free. That has not gone unnoticed, so again, thank you!

Next up, on March 10th is daylight savings time! Yes, another manipulation of time and yet another potential for us all struggling with timeliness. Thus, we felt it appropriate to make March’s goal/focus: TIMELINESS.


If you have not had the privilege to read Coach Jay G’s, “Love the Process” post, you can do so HERE. To dovetail on the moral of Jay’s post, one must figure out the process in order to, love it. Let’s recap his approach. 

1. Mind Set

It is important for us (both coaches and peers) to understand your perspective. Often times, you may believe/ view things to be different than what those around would, and possibly skewed from how things may actually be. The mind can be so tricky!!

For example, in the past, Jay would view himself as, limited, broken, incapable, etc. where I had to remind him, he was not. 

Love the Process: A Forward from Coach Jay

Recently, I found myself caught in the same fitness cycle. Commitment and discipline led to action. Action produced improvements. Improvement begot improvement. At some point, I paid less attention to the process and more on the goals. Deficiencies crept in and injury occurred. Each time I reset and adjusted my approach to the process: less load, increase mobility work, take a hiatus, focus on technique, physical therapy, etc. Each time the injury went dormant, the cycle continued and eventually injury resurfaced. This time, mental fatigue took hold. I began to think about settling - just mitigate some and manage. After all, isn't this was happens to 43-year-olds who spent their last 30 years playing organized sport, romping throughout the Rocky Mountains, and traveling the globe?