April Focus: Strength, Maintenance and Self-Myofascial Release

20 days of eccentric lifting has passed and we will now progress into tightening the muscular fascia back to an inelastic responsive state. The last four weeks may have seemed long, but it was technically only 20 days. #Perspective. Certain athletic programs call for 4-6 months of eccentric work. Eccentric work was again, to undo all the tightening of the musculature that max month had done. It also contrasts all the “heavy” load capacity with much more manageable percentage-based loads, so that we can emphasize functional and optimal range of motion (ROM). We highly encourage you when/if you feel super tight and achy at any point in your exercise journey, to incorporate 1-2 weeks of eccentric loading.


Here's the scenario: It’s Friday and you can’t finish the WOD. The deadlifts feel really heavy and let’s just say you’re really glad we use spotters when benching. There could be several factors at play here that may make you feel this way. If this doesn’t sound like you, you are still able to learn and grow from this blog post; potentially have an even greater increase in performance (inside and outside of the gym).

March Motivation: Improving Range of Motion

Four weeks down and another cycle in the books! Looking back, we spent the last four weeks trying to find out exactly how much force our body could produce on five different strength aspects (Press, squat, deadlift, bench, and snatch). Essentially, we took the muscle from a hard working “volume” phase and pushed it to its maximum short burst of power potential phase. This translates to the shortening of our muscle as much as possible over time in order to get the muscle to be as responsive to force production as possible.

Let's Roll Out!

You may have noticed this month we have been incorporating a more solid stretching routine at the beginning of each class. We are encouraging everyone to add foam rolling into your pre-stretching routine. Foam rollers are used to mimic myofascial release techniques in order to increase range of motion (ROM). The roller-massager was designed to serve a similar purpose, but it's a more portable device that uses the upper body rather than body mass to provide the rolling force. If you read this PDF, you will see that foam rolling has been argued to increase ROM by 4.3%!

2018 Humble Beast CrossFit Member Goals

Whether members, interested members, or drop-ins come to Humble Beast CrossFit, we always notice they stop to look at our goals board. A few things happen when people see the goals board. We noticed that they, 1. Make a connection between a member they know and the goal that member is striving to achieve, and 2. They find motivation to choose a goal of their own.