How the Humble Beast CrossFit Programming Differs from the Reebok CrossFit Games


Like every CrossFit gym worldwide, there is a prefix or suffix to CrossFit. The Reebok CrossFit games are no different. Each of the ~14,075 CrossFit affiliates worldwide are given the freedom to freely adapt the flexible and ambiguous definition of CrossFit (Constantly varied, functional movement, delivered with high/relative intensity). “The Reebok CrossFit games” are no different. If you simply look at the Reebok CrossFit games as just that, another, exclusive affiliate, you will easily see that it is not by any means, right or wrong, but rather, unique and designed for a unique purpose and goal. 

The goals of our CrossFit affiliate- Humble Beast CrossFit are vastly different than the goals of the “Reebok CrossFit games” affiliate. Our foundation is a 4-month periodized program approach that delivers organized skill training, strength application and complementary conditioning.  At the Reebok CrossFit games affiliate, the “affiliate” is hypothetically only open for 5-days (the length of the competition), in which time, the goal is to push the clients (qualified athletes) to their absolute physical threshold/limits.

Some of you may be aware that we as a gym just finished month (4) of our 4-month periodized cycle, also known as “max month”. Think about this; trying to squeeze max month into 5 days, and then expand on that exponentially and viola! you have the Reebok CrossFit games affiliate methodology. 

So then, what do these athletes do when they are NOT at this prestigious affiliate?  Well, they follow an organized strength and conditioning program, with absolute scalability. Moral of the story, what these athletes do at this theoretical “affiliate” is unsustainable over the long term. Simply DM (direct message) any of them through the gram (Instagram). They will surely respond that those were the hardest 5 days of their year. So, partner, team, social group up and watch the games. Let’s even talk about the games, but let’s not try to recreate the Reebok CrossFit games in our daily fitness and training regimen. 

Percentage Lifting: Why?

There is a famous saying, and by famous I mean, not really famous but rather, something ignorant people say.. the saying goes: “ I ain’t got time for percentages!!!”

So here’s the scoop, training percentages have come about from years and years of empirical trials with recorded data, but never situated into a formal study, thus still relatively “unprofessional.”  Hundreds of thousands of weight-lifters found that, similarly to growing as a youth to adult, physiological change takes time.  Thus, the application or marginal stress introduction over similar/repetitive movement patterns. 

What I know is, muscle phasing is real and it responds very well to good mechanical articulation and even better to disciplined programming (stress) and recovery (rest). I also know, from doing this for years, certain percentage gains are possible and certain ones are not.  I also know, people come from different athletic and genetic backgrounds and have different allostatic stressors (look it up), and thus, we use percentage ranges. What I have found is, patience breeds progress and impatience exaggerates ego and ego rhymes with injury. 

What’s the take away? Follow percentages, listen to the coaches and trust the progress. Think of anything in your life that you have gotten reasonably good at and ask yourself, “how rushed was the process?” The slower you physically move through our strength movements and the slower you increase percentages, the healthier your body will be and the more efficiently it will move. The better you understand the movement, demonstrate good ROM, and lay a large fascia foundation, the more success and fun you will have during max month. And that’s a promise! 

Below is a fun 3-dimensional picture of what our “periodized” program looks like.  This is simply a pictorial metaphor for the body in terms of need for foundational work over time in relation to peak output and potential.


My Personal Goal to Motivate You at Humble Beast CrossFit

This blog post was written by Coach Kevin Higgins.

When I joined Humble Beast CrossFit in October 2014, I had zero clue on how to do squat. Literally, I couldn’t squat, bench press, power clean, deadlift, snatch or push press. Even prior to 2014, when I belonged to a globo gym, I’d go at some strange, off-peak hour, so no one would see me attempt to lift because 1) I had no idea what I was doing, 2) I was intimidated by the bro and bro-ette’s, and 3) I cared too much about what others would think of my fitness. I’m certain I carried all of these insecurities (and probably more) with me into Day 1 at Humble Beast CrossFit.

May You Be Motivated This Month and Beyond

You know the feeling you get when you see an advertisement for a new product from your favorite company? The excitement that builds when you see a trailer for a new summer blockbuster that promises to be the best film you will ever see? What about the anxiousness that builds all day Friday before it’s friYAY night? How about the impatience you have when you get a new pair of shoes, dress, jeans, golf clubs, etc; something you cannot wait to use? What about the irrational behavior you exhibit when you hear that new summer jam (Drake, nice for what)? You know the dancing in public feeling, the “I can do anything with this song playing feeling.” Well, these are all normal internal feelings associated with being motivated.