Let's Roll Out!

You may have noticed this month we have been incorporating a more solid stretching routine at the beginning of each class. We are encouraging everyone to add foam rolling into your pre-stretching routine. Foam rollers are used to mimic myofascial release techniques in order to increase range of motion (ROM). The roller-massager was designed to serve a similar purpose, but it's a more portable device that uses the upper body rather than body mass to provide the rolling force. If you read this PDF, you will see that foam rolling has been argued to increase ROM by 4.3%!

2018 Humble Beast CrossFit Member Goals

Whether members, interested members, or drop-ins come to Humble Beast CrossFit, we always notice they stop to look at our goals board. A few things happen when people see the goals board. We noticed that they, 1. Make a connection between a member they know and the goal that member is striving to achieve, and 2. They find motivation to choose a goal of their own.

Ergogenic Aids: Blonyx HMB+ Creatine Supplement


Beta-Hydroxy Beta-Methylbutyric Acid (HMB) is an active metabolite of the branched chain amino acid leucine, and important for muscle health. Leucine is found in foods such as fish, meat, dairy, legumes, nuts and seeds, but only a small amount will contribute to HMB in the body. It is used by the body to build, maintain and repair muscle cells.

Research has shown that supplementing the diet with HMB can improve exercise performance by supporting muscle cell repair and adaptation. It has also been shown to speed strength and muscle mass gains as well as improve endurance performance.

End of the Year Focus: Stability

There's a thrill about doing the Humble Beast CrossFit program: being able to lift weights every day of the week. Whether it be the push press, back squat or thruster, we often take for granted our ability and the excitement we gain from lifting weights.

The excitement that comes from pushing yourself in the program could potentially come to an end. Typical ends are by way of a plateau or injury - both at which are avoidable when the foundation/fundamentals to the strength movements are being improved as well. This means that stretching, yoga, and stability are equally as important as the strength and conditioning program.

Fall Back into Yoga

Why is incorporating yoga into your CrossFit program essential for proper gains? Correct balance is what makes a complimentary program. Every day, our class starts with stretching and mobility; the remainder of class is an organized strength and conditioning regimen. Making our yoga class complimentary. Yoga will not always be an easy, laid-back stretching routine. In fact, many of you will conclude that the class is rather challenging, physically and mentally, but in different ways than the Humble Beast CrossFit program is.