HB COMMUNITY: Get to Know Humble Beast CrossFit's Very Own Hype Man, Joshua Asomugha

If you’ve been around Humble Beast CrossFit member, Joshua Asomugha, you know that he is the number one hype man in the gym! We took some time to find out a little more about him, like how the HB community has helped fuel his own motivation for life.

Where are you originally from?

I’m one of the few DMV natives! I was born in Washington, DC and raised in Prince George's County, MD. I went to Morgan State University in Baltimore, MD and returned to DC for work after graduation. My life revolves around DC because I work in DC, go to church in DC, workout at HB. Most of my family and friends live in DC or in the DMV area.

HB COMMUNITY: Meet Founding Member, Caitlin Holland

From burpees, to true love, to a new baby bump, founding member Caitlin Holland tells us how her life has been deeply intertwined with Humble Beast.

Tell us about being a DC native and what you currently do for a living.

I’m from the Washington, DC area originally! I was born in Silver Spring, MD and grew up in North Potomac. I went to school in New Orleans, lived abroad, and then in Philadelphia for a while. I returned to the DC area for the foreseeable future in 2012, living in Arlington, VA for two years, then DC for four years. My husband and I just bought a house on Halloween back where it all began for me, Silver Spring. I currently do marketing and communications for a large international relief and development non-profit association that is headquartered in DC, but works globally.

TIME for Spring at Humble Beast CrossFit

We kicked off the New Year with an evening schedule change and would like to say, thank you. You have all made the transition smooth and pain-free. That has not gone unnoticed, so again, thank you!

Next up, on March 10th is daylight savings time! Yes, another manipulation of time and yet another potential for us all struggling with timeliness. Thus, we felt it appropriate to make March’s goal/focus: TIMELINESS.