Got Yoga? and week 12.8.14

IMG_7976 As most of you already know, humble Beast CrossFit originated and developed over the past 8 months with an intention of whole health. We strive to provide education and instruction that supports balanced and effective programming that delivers individual desired outcomes. Therefore, it is reasonable to continue in this direction and offer yoga to our members*. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of the weekly yoga class. There is ample reason and benefit to participate in the yoga classes as well as practice what you learn at humble Beast at home.  Starting SATURDAY 12/20, that is two weeks from now, not this, but NEXT SATURDAY, humble Beast will offer YOGA every Saturday at 10am. The regular Saturday WOD will still be at the normal time. Doors will be locked from 10am-11am for the class to have the quite and undisturbed environment it deserves.  Once the class is finished, the doors will open and the Saturday WOD will start at 11:15 (per usual). Our yoga instructors, style and poses will rotate on a weekly basis. Those details will not be announced. All instructors have extensive yoga training and experience.

You are encouraged to attend both classes. Everyone will benefit from this opportunity in relation to physical, emotional, spiritual and mental health. We are very excited about the supplemental addition to the program and know that it will serve you well!


*Only members are eligible to attend the yoga classes. This means drop ins, visiting friends and family (guests), and those who have class packs are not permitted to join us until 11am.


Click here for week 12.8.14 program