USAW American Open

This weekend, the USAW (United States Weightlifting Organization) will be hosting the American Open championship just four blocks from humble BEAST CrossFit at the Washington Hilton, Thursday (12/11)- Sunday (12/14).  We, humble BEAST, have volunteered our space and community to assist the event.  If you would like to help volunteer this weekend please contact Lindsay for details. The humble BEAST Barbell Club will be volunteering as barbell loaders during the Thursday/Friday competition sessions.  There are other jobs and time frames that the committee could use volunteers for as well.  If you do not wish to volunteer, we encourage you to attend the event and rep humble BEAST. Humble Beast Barbell Club invites you to join us by showing love for the sport and the spirit of our community!

Here is the Volunteer schedule:

Thursday Check in at 3:30pm, session 4-6pm

Friday Check in at 8:30am. sessions 9am-3:30pm