Recording your movement and week 1.12.15

IMG_9073 That little spider-looking thing is a phone holder.  Designed to hold your phone to encourage you to record yourself lift.  You do not have to feel the anxiety to publish your video on social media, but all those cues I have been saying to you may finally make sense once you see yourself move.  We do not have mirrors in HB for a reason, and the only way for you to see yourself lift is to record yourself.

Speaking of social media, it wouldn’t hurt to publish some of your cool and also not so cool lifting on the interwebs.  Your co-workers, friends, and family may be interested in working out and watching a video of you may be just the motivation they need to get started.  Not to mention the amount of interweb coaches out there need your videos to exercise their dot com coaching abilities ;) (I encourage the “grain of salt listening” approach).  I recently found an old batch of lifting videos I had from years ago and WOW, am I happy I found them!  The lifter I was to the lifter have become is very encouraging to me as a coach and athlete.  Though we make measurable gains in both strength and work capacity, it is important for us to also make gains in technique.

Now, back to the spider thingy, you do not need to try and manipulate it, as I and other clients have found it is not the easiest gadget to use.  You can however, ask another HB member to, as French would say “cise you up.”  That is slang for help you out.  And hey, person who got asked, be selfless and do someone a favor, better yet, insist!  Say, “Hey, nice lift, lets record your next set.”  Or, “Ehhhks, you may want to see that so you can see your knees cave in.”  Either way, don’t be judgmental, be encouraging and help each other grow!


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