New Testimonial page! + week 3.9.15 program

Humble Beast and beauties, SPRING IS HERE!!! And my flu is gone! Yay!  I would like to take this time to thank you guys for being patient with my absence.  A big thanks to MJ and JMO for filling in all the classes for me as I lay vial on my couch wishing I was coaching you awesome people getting stronger and faster!  Again, thank you! We at HB usually get sporadic feedback in the form of thank you cards, emails, text messages, facebook messages, etc.. , regarding the positivity that comes from our program and lifestyle methodology and more recently, the feedback has become, consistent.  We took it amongst ourselves to create a new Testimonial ( )Page where we will share, at the persons discretion, feedback that motivates us, and hopefully you, to keep on, keeping on ;) Let’s continue to encourage each other to share our testimonies! As we approach our 1-year anniversary we want to share these stories, as they are the purest form of motivation!  Please reach out to us if you would like to share! Simply send Lindsay or Myself an email with your testimony!


The weather is getting warmer, and though I may despise running, I do condone short distances.  DC is a beautiful place and sights are to be seen, so do not be surprised if the workouts get running spontaneously thrown into them ;) Click here for week 3.9.15 program