Testimonial from Josh Barr

We at HB really do love hearing your success stories.  Here is an email from Josh where he shares his progress and motivation to keep on, keeping on. “I can honestly say I'm moving better than I have prior to my car accident and the weights are increasing (slowly).  All and all, you two are awesome and I appreciate all the assistance along the way.   Today, I finally weighted myself.  I tend to keep off the scale and stick to the mirror for results.   I think we all know why lol.   So here goes, an unhealthy 235lbs (personal PR for being out of shape) in January to 218lbs today. That is a net loss of 17lbs with all the strength gains.  Again, it's the first time I really checked myself on progress. The program works, and more importantly the support provided is what makes the voyage enjoyable. In the most sincere and humble way, thank you HB.   Mentally and physically, I feel great.  I can only hope in a few more months another milestone will be in place. Thanks again. I really couldn't have done this with without HB.”


Joshua Barr