Few announcements and week 4.13.15

We hope everyone had a FUN and enjoyable weekend!  If you return to HB and realize the cubby you have been using has been cleaned out and you're wondering where your stuff went, check the lost and found in the changing room.  PLEASE, remember these cubbies are not your personal closets, and anything left there for a week, will be removed. Early birds!!! Please remember, due to class sizes, the need for coaches to set up, and gym etiquette, try to keep your arrival time NO MORE than 15 minutes before the start of your selected class time. This goes for morning class arrivals as well as people wanting to stretch/cardio/cool down after your class.  Your class time is 1hr in length, so be respectful when using the gym afterwards.  Ask a coach if you are allowed to "hang" around to stretch/cardio/cool down.  On days we are using the machines, they are NOT good days to elect to do "extra" cardio after your class.  As for showers, if the class is busy (mainly the evening classes), please shower swiftly to free up the bathroom space for the current class.

To sum up:

-Keep the cubbies clean

-Arrive No More Than 15 Mins Before Classes Start

-Ask about staying to "do extra" work

-Shower swiftly

-Be considerate of others

-Bring a water bottle.

-STOP putting dixie cups full on water on the equipment!


Now, here is week 4.13.15 PDF