House keeping, Reminder, 5.11.15

ONE-YEAR IN!!! YES-humble beasts, we’ve made it one year! I am very proud of the respect you guys have for one another and the gym itself, mainly, the equipment! As a treat, we like to order new things to ensure that we are delivering the best quality of service all around! Please help us by keeping everything just as nice for another year! Here are a couple ground rules/code of conduct to help you, help us: -Clean up after yourself -In the bathroom -In general -Hand towels -Mobility equipment -Water cups -Cubbies -Your gym bag and gym gear -Equipment you use -Share Lysol wipes, a close the container when you’re finished -AVOID coming to class earlier than 15mins prior to the start of your class -AVOID being all over the gym stretching and mobilizing during the current class -DO NOT throw the colored plates around -DO NOT stand on the colored plates -Be careful loading and unloading the barbells -Be very careful loading and unloading the change plates (small colored plates) -Always enter and exit the AD’s from the right -PLACE the rower dowel back in their mount, DO NOT release the dowel when done rowing, causing the dowel to crash into the rower mount. -Walk TO the chalk buckets and keep the chalk localized -PUT your collars back when done using them, back in the small red bucket, not back on the ground, randomly, somewhere in the gym -KEEP the mobility area organized -Weighted VEST, replace the individual weights when they fall out, wipe them down after using them, and PUT THEM BACK where you found them -OLY bars stay on the small side, HD bars on the main side. Limit use of OLY bars, maximize use of HD bars -ASK the coaches if you have any questions.

Hope to see all of you at the bowling party! REMINDER, NO evening classes this Thursday!!! IF you did not RSVP with Lindsay, AND pay, you are not accounted for in terms of the bowling party.

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