5/19/14 Retest, Linda, Murph, and more...

Thank you all for such a wonderful gathering this past Thursday as we enjoyed some non-gym related time together!  One year in the books and we are truly looking forward to the many more to come!  We are growing with the addition of coaches, equipment, and program design!  Please always feel free to give us any feedback or advice you feel would help us to grow to serve you guys as a gym and community! This week is going to be a very fun week with a one year re-test (with a twist) from 5/19/14 of last year! (thanks to some social media recommendations) Also, this weekend is memorial day weekend, so in tribute to the “Murph” WOD, please come, bring your energy and dedicated hearts to endure a pretty terrible WOD.  Please wear red/white/blue if you want to show your  patriotism!  Also, text or FaceBook message Michael "baby Q" Guglielmo as Murph is his all time hero!

We will be posting Monday memorial day class times this week so please stay tuned!


Click here for 5.19.15 program