Transient: The disease and cure.

tran·sient ˈtranSHənt,ˈtranzēənt/ adjective: transient

1.lasting only for a short time; impermanent. "a transient cold spell"

synonyms: Transitory, temporary, short-lived, short-term, ephemeral, impermanent, brief, short, momentary, fleeting, passing, here today and gone tomorrow; More antonyms: Permanent, staying or working in a place for only a short time. "the transient nature of the labor force in catering"

noun: transient; plural noun: transients

1. A person who is staying or working in a place for only a short time.

synonyms: hobo, vagrant, vagabond, street person, homeless person, down-and-out

2. A momentary variation in current, voltage, or frequency.


It is a trend that I have noticed amongst my years coaching CrossFit in DC. People come and go, and that is the nature of the business. It is also seemingly suggested to be the nature of all our relationships in DC. I have found it to be common grounds for a socially accepted excuse. An excuse as to; why injuries occur, “unwanted” weight is gained, BMI changes, strength is lost, etc… We strive daily to effectively educate you to fight against this excuse epidemic.

You see, other CrossFit gyms may allow for you guys to use work overload, travel, stresses, laziness or “time management” as an excuse.  We will also allow for those reasons to excuse you from attending Humble Beast CrossFit, BUT…. And a major BUT, we will not let you knowingly use it as an excuse to allow your lifestyle to break down. From day one, from your humble beginnings class we stressed the importance of knowledge. The importance of acclimating to changes made over 90 days. We offer too much knowledge for any of you to remain injured, remain unhappy with your BMI or body compostion, unhappy with your strength, etc. You have access to world-class coaches here. Coaches who practice what they preach, and who live the lifestyle that they encourage! You also have each other as a community to motivate one another! Be sure to build relationships among each other to assist with the accountability that we all so actively want to run away from. It is more important to learn and understand how to work out, than to actually work out. Why? Because you will learn to appreciate, value, and respect it that way. Learn, grow, and develop lifestyle modifications so that you can continue them.

Attendance: I said it before and I’ll say it again, Attendance daily is NOT required. It IS encouraged and IS sustainable, but NOT required. What is required is…some common sense (for lack of a better term, but being the exact term desired.) If you miss days, weeks or even months from Humble Beast, and you have not done any application of exercise on your own, DO NOT beat yourself up! I mean that emotionally and literally. It is “OK,” to get back on the horse and continue along your path for better living. Upon returning to the gym, take it easy!!! Remind your pride that, your body has been away from the gym and a structured program and that it will not work to your advantage to “hop” back into things as if you had not missed even one day. If working at a lesser weight/pace is a hard pill to swallow; buy another Tshirt and read it before you put it on :) Remember, we understand the transient nature of DC.  Just because you are not at Humble Beast (temporarily or permanently), does not mean everything you have learned isn’t still with you. Continue to grow in your knowledge of nutrition (through your available consultation with Lindsay), program design and understanding, and movement application through Myself, Melissa, Jonathan, and Lucas. Aside from intentionally wanting to NOT work out, you have no excuse NOT to work out when traveling. As I say, “You only ever need 7 minutes of burpees for a good work out.” I have PDF’s that I can email to you guys for out of town work outs, even in your hotel room! You can always email ahead of time and drop into other CrossFit gyms while on travel as well!

Bench marks: You will seem them more regularly now. The reason is NOT so you can bite off more than you can chew and be sore or even worse, injured, for days to come. They are programmed so you can scale accordingly, and re-test yourself at a later point by either increasing the difficulty or decrease time for completion, ultimately, gauging progress. Mentally and physically prepare for these WODs.

The 15-minute rule: Thank you guys for doing better with this rule. As another reminder, please refrain from coming to class earlier than 15 minutes before the start of class. You have a one-hour (60 minute) class, plenty of time to mobilize work on skill, and condition. If you ever feel like you “needed more,” again, review your relative intensity for the day.  Unlike planet fitness, this is truly a judgement free zone. Seriously, push yourself as hard as you reasonably can GIVEN your situation. Taking into account any soreness, injuries, time away form the gym/working out, etc… If you are going to be more than 15 minutes late to class, come to the next class. Take your time, sit down somewhere and relax and come to the next class. It is far too disruptive to reteach the first ¼ of class all over again. Again, the classes are strategically designed to be 60 minutes for a reason, not 75,65,55, or 45 minutes.

If you need more time mobilizing before getting into the skill/strength portion, do so! Take your time! They is not rush to “finish” the program for the day. ALL of you guys will be working at different intensities and paces, and THAT IS OK!!!! I’m seeing that old “force over form” habit creep back into your lifts. Meaning, you guys are getting too focused on force, weight, power, and not enforcing form enough. Inquire about form! Even the best lifters in the gym can still work on their form to lift better and safer!

Don’t let the transient nature of this city effect your ability to remain attached to each other. As listed, an antonym of transient is permanent… I like permanent…. Practice makes permanent.