The Jam packed post...6.15.15

It’s time again to check in and make a few announcements!! Please remember that these posts are meant to be encouraging, and to help maintain a positive gym community. Let’s start with house keeping: Gym bags!! If you don’t have one, please consider investing in one! This is what my gym bag looks like. I keep all my essentials in it and it allows me to travel and more importantly, NOT permanently clutter a cubby at the gym. With our growing membership size, the cubbies need to remain freely available throughout the day. Meaning, you can no longer continue to leave personal items over night. Please use this week to get adjusted to traveling with your gym gear and do your best to help keep the cubby use efficient throughout the classes

Next up, Website maintenance! If you are not using this blog, please start! If something on the website is not working for you (membership access, any other links, etc..) please let us know ASAP! If you look under members, you have a new Calendar option! It’s fairly self-explanatory and will be updated constantly! If you have any events you would like to add to the calendar please email Jeff directly ( with all the details you have and he will (pending appropriateness) add them gratefully!

On the calendar we have listed the next two competitions for humble BEAST cf and barbell club! July 18-19 the barbell club will be throwing down locally in Vienna ,VA at the Black and Red open (USAW event).

August 1st, humble BEAST has registered at least one (so far) team to compete in our first even team CrossFit competition! Again, the details to both of these events can be found on their corresponding dates via the calendar page

ROWING!!!! Daniel Smith, a member here at HB, is a phenomenal rower and has noticed not many of us are well, as phenomenal. He has offered to do TWO 15 minute rowing technique clinics to help us all brush up and potentially perfect our rowing form! The clinics will be held Saturday June 20th, and again Saturday July, 11th. The details regarding these clinics can be found on their corresponding calendars days via our calendar page. The clinics will be capped at 10 people per clinic so if you are interested confirm with Jeff via email ASAP! If you are any serious about competing in CF competitions, or care about your rowing scores, this clinic is highly recommended.

Now that we have addressed the important stuff, here is your program for the week: Week 6.15 program