Week 6.22.15

Attention: NO YOGA THIS SATURDAY 6.27.15!  Yoga will continue again the following Saturday! RECAP: From this weekend’s rowing clinic, we talked about establishing the damper setting that works best for you.  Please start playing around with the stoke rates Daniel mentioned from the clinic to find the most efficient damper setting for you.

If you missed this weekend’s clinic and want to master your rowing technique, there are still a few spots open for the second clinic being held Saturday 7/11/15 from 12pm-12:30 pm immediately after the WOD.

We are excited to welcome back Coach Jonathan after 4 long weeks of him being absent.  He will be teaching many of the morning classes so please introduce yourself if you have not done so yet!

Mind body: Humble Beast will be switching over to the mind body platform over the next few weeks.  What does this mean for you?  It means that we will better be able to serve you in many ways!  We are excited to make the switch! Help us transition by downloading the Mind body connect app. for your phones and stay tuned for more details as we develop the platform.

Calendar: Please familiarize yourself with our calendar page and add any events as to the calendar that are community building appropriate!

Cubbies: Looking good guys!  Great job on keeping the area clean and freely vacant for each class.

Showers: For the morning clients, communicate with each other that need to shower ASAP to get out the door, and please shower ASAP if people announce they are waiting.

Click here for 6.22.15 program