7.18.15 weekend recap and week 7.20.15

HB FAM- Thank you all for being patient with us not having yoga or CF this Saturday. Both are back on in full force this weekend! I speak on behalf of the barbell club when I say a HUGE thanks to those of you who came out for support! "Talk of the tournament" was "how awesome" the humble beast gym community was/is. that makes me us all very happy!

On a less exciting for note (for us, but super exciting for him): Lucas is saying goodbye to us within the next two weeks, as he will be moving to California (Berkeley) for a school program. It has been an absolute blessing to have him for the past year and we whole-heartedly look forward to having him back, should he decide to return to DC with his newfound superior intelligence. Please congratulate him and get him contact info if you want to stay in contact with him!

Back to more exciting (for us): Claire tackled the CFlvl 1 trainer course this weekend so feel free to check in with her and pick her brain about anything CF related that tickles your fancy.

Notice I have not had to post another house keeping note, and the gym is growing, so I owe a HUGE thank you to all the current/senior members for setting a good example and the new members for following well! This does not mean it’s time to become complacent or I will rant again!

August 1st we have the first CrossFit competition humble beast will be competing in! Check the calendar for more details if you want to come check us out in DE.


Got some fun in the sun planned this week…week 7.20.15 PDF