Lots of reminders and week 7.27.15 program

BIG reminder that this will be Lucas’s last week here at HB for the next 8-10months! Please wish him well, thank him for all that he has done and encourage him to stay in touch! Lucas has been such an encouraging figure here at HB. From his humor, strength, positive energy, clean eating… this guy has just been an all around stud. We will miss him greatly! Medium reminder: Michael Lai, Claire, Coach MJ and myself (JJ) will be competing this weekend in Bear, DE. The event is being held in order to raise money for atTAcK addiction, which is a local organization created in memory of Tyler Armstrong Keister who lost his battle with addiction in 2012.  Proceeds from the competition will be going to the atTAcK addiction foundation in order to help other youth struggling with addiction.  The event will be held at Caravel Academy’s stadium complex in Bear, DE. Wish us well, and good luck! Coach Jmo will be leading the always fun Saturday WOD so make sure you attend!


Final reminder: For those of you who may want an update on our fellow member Lori. We are sad to report that her transplant did not take. She remains hopeful, and has told us she is trusting in God’s divine plan for her. We have full intentions to visit her in a couple weeks when she is cleared for visitors (as she is currently immunocompromised). Anyone who is interested in reaching out to pass on a card or love, please reach out to Lindsay. For more details on Lori and her history, again, feel free to ask Lindsay.

Here is the link to the CrossFit games 2015 vault. Watch these amazing athlete absolutely destroy their bodies in pursuit of the fitness man/woman/team on earth title.



This week is going to be #legit click here for week 7.27.15

Oh yeah! Melissa Eddison, aka morning Melissa, had a bachelorette party work out WOD this last Saturday.  Wish her happy BrideZilla-ing and wishes for her upcoming wedding.

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