What an action packed weekend!  We got to meet the founder/owner/godfather of CrossFit, Greg Glassman.  He was then spotted and reported wearing our #morehumbleathleteplease shirt that evening to dinner!!! Coach Mj, Myself, Claire and Michael lai threw down at the CF comp in Bear, DE.  There were four WODs and we finished second out of about 6-7 teams, I think. Laurent, with the french first name, from Crenshaw, not really but it is his beast last name, and his significant other and in house Ronda Rousey, Nikki, got a little muddy at the spartan race.  Feel free to inquire about either event and please be encouraged to test yourself in any upcoming events!!!


This week is like a 8.5/10... which means... Yup, wait for Saturday ;)

click here for week 8.03.15 program