8.10 Mid-Summer check-in

Mid-Summer check in!!!! A lot of our Humble Beast CF members are leaving as their internships end, and a lot of people are joining as they move back into the city or to the city for their first time. Many are preparing for the start of the new school year and job changes. Please take part in helping people feel welcomed and acclimated to HB as well as DC. Remember to say farewell to those leaving DC, as we will genuinely miss them! Transitions and change are hard on us all. Remember my post on TRANSIENT??? As for the gym, there are a few new things to mention... bathrooms, now have benches for you to sit and change without the fear of slipping and dying, I mean falling. Please use them accordingly. Please be mindful of those waiting to use the bathrooms as well, do not rush into the shower if you know you take 42 minutes, allow someone who moves quicker to go first. Typically, it’s first come first serve, but if you consistently take forever and quicker people are always waiting, I WILL call you out.

Gym shelving, in the main side of the gym. Please leave your gym bags on the gym shelves, and NOT by the front door/shoe cubby area. This will help keep the flow of the gym smoother. The cubby area is for small items, small bags, and sitting to change shoes etc... The couch is for sitting, not for storing bags. The main gym area will be where you store any gym bag larger than a small backpack that can be tucked into the cubbies. Anything left behind will be placed in lost and found (changing room) and donated to charity at the end of the week. Thank you to our awesome HB members (you know who you are) for making suggestions and offering much appreciated feedback. Remember, there is no such thing as a “bad” suggestion… just ones that we won’t listen to (haha jk). Yes, Ross we promise to get a 30lb slam ball.

Erick is our newest intern, he’s German, which means he’s part robot, part human. He’s young, strong, and friendly, please introduce yourself to him and make him feel welcomed.

Oh, did I mention, this week is going to be awesome? Notice, Alpha was added Click here for 8.10.15