In house update and week 8.24.15

Let’s catch up shall we? Gill is leaving us to go sue people in NY. JK, but seriously, our in house Harvard law school grad (though she hates people knowing that), is leaving us to go the “Big City.” Please say your goodbyes, maybe even take a morning class this week and catch the world’s strongest ballerina in action. Her last class will be Friday.

Zach W. is in Italy getting married; congratulate him when you see him next! He is usually an evening goer. He awesome and amazing, and I’m only jealous I didn’t get to marry him.

Jrat aka Jarrett just got back from his honeymoon. His wedding was in LBI (NJ), Lindsay and I were in attendance, it was awesome, we ate a lot or delicious food and danced a lot to epic NJ music. Please congratulate him and remind him that the honeymoon is over, time to get back on track!

Morning classes will be changing morning times to most likely 6/7am. This is a heads up that the change will go into effect soon (early September). If you have any questions of concerns, please reach out to us ASAP (seriously all feedback in encouraged).

Say Cheese!!! Tuesday/Wednesday evening classes we will have our in house photographer here to take more pix for our website. Please show up and crowd the evening classes as much as possible in your best gym swagger to help us get your amazing faces and muscles on our website! Don’t be weird about it you are our community, be encouraged by it, to encourage others! I would want to join the gym if I saw you guys/gals on the website.

We are ONE MONTH away from SUPERFIT, DC. We have three teams competing. It’s local, plan to come and rep HB all day (Saturday, 9/26).

ADVANCED NOTICE, HB WILL BE CLOSED 9/7/15 FOR LABORDAY. Use the social page to plan an “extra-curricular” WOD.


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