9.14 Events and updates:

Events and updates: September 19-20th Cf lvl 1 certification for French and Re-certification for myself. Nikki the OG will also be “rucking” in her first “Go-ruck” challenge. Those things are brutal, so give her your best!

September 26th (Saturday): SuperFit Games at Trident CrossFit in Arlington. Three Humble Beast CrossFit teams are competing! Come show your love and support.

A personal thanks from Lindsay and myself to everyone for their patience as we switch over to MindBody. There have been and will definitely be some more hiccups along the way, so a big THANK YOU!

New faces, it’s D.C guys and gals, so you will be seeing a TON of new faces. I have noticed when I travel to other gyms; the first and last thing I remember is how welcoming the members are. Aside from cleanliness ;) So please, say hello to people and make them feel welcomed.

One reminder about class uniformity; Please do what the class is doing, and not what you feel like doing. That goes for the warm-up to the WOD. If you come in super early, be mindful of the current class. If you want to stay super late, be mindful of the current class. We want you guys to feel as welcomed as possible, but we only have so much space :/


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