Week 10.05.15

Announcements: Monday 10/12/15 (Columbus Day): We are deciding on either having holiday hours or closing for the holiday. We will let you know as soon as we decide.

Monday 10/19/15: 8 am class starts!!!!! Morning classes will now be 6/7/8am.

Saturday 10/17 there are a few of us competing at the METRO games at CrossFit Petworth. Come spectate and see CrossFitters doing CrossFit things.

Saturday 10/24 HBBC will be competing at the OLD DOMINION classic in Richmond, VA. If you want to car pool, or organize a little weekend trip, please coordinate amongst yourselves.

As always, NEW FACES!! Keep up the great job at being welcoming and motivating to all the new members!  Thank you guys so much for making this community what it is!

week 10.05.15