humbling weekend, humbled coach, humble aspirations ...

IMG_0832-1 Another weekend that left me humbled as a coach. Please, I encourage you to reach out to the HBBC members (Coach MJ, Michael Lai, Jason young, Sam Jay, Colin, Tiffany) who competed and ask them about their weekend. They all have so much to share. Every new competition is a new experience, with new PR’s and new goals accomplished, and reset. It is so emotionally rewarding to watch all of you guys/gals make gainZ, achieve PRs (in and outside the gym), and humble yourselves amongst each other; Truly, truly the absolute goal of Humble Beast CrossFit!!! Thank all of you, again and again, sincerely form the bottom of both Lindsay and my heart!

Reminders: This Wednesday is Jay V’s Paleo Potluck!!!!! Info is at the front desk and on the white board!!!

Veterens Day Hero WOD!!!!! Sign up online if you haven’t already done so!!! Select HB as your gym, donate and get ready for an awesome WOD Wednesday 11/11/15

Swole mates will be at HB ( 11/14/15


Program for 10.26.15