Veterans day reminder and week 11.02.15

Next Wednesday 11/11/15, Veteran’s day: We will hold TWO (2) Class times: 12pm and 530pm. Each class will be structured with pre-determined heats performing the threewisemen WOD. If you registered for the WOD via the threewisemen website, GREAT, if you did not, no worries, you can still attend the class, BUT YOU NEED to sign up on the white board in the gym. EVEN if you signed up online (aka as a donation via the website) YOU STILL need to sign up in the gym, on the white board, under which class you wish to participate in! To clarify, we are hosting the threewisemen WOD on Veteran’s day 11/11/15. We will have TWO class times that REQUIRE you to sign up ahead of time so that we can schedule heats. This is NOT a mandatory WOD, nor is the donation mandatory. You can sign up on the board and attend your chosen class (12pm or 5:30pm) with or without donating.

Again, we are simply asking that you write your name on the white board under which class time you wish to attend. IF you DO NOT sign up ahead of time, we cannot guarantee you will have a spot in that class WOD.

On a side note: We added a small blue recycling bin for recyclables near the filtered water machine. We do not have a recycling service; this is a personal gesture on behalf of Humble Beast CrossFit so we ask that you are mindful about emptying your recyclables before throwing them into the bin and refraining from throwing your paper cups in the recycling bin. Let this be another strong push for you to invest in a reusable water bottle to help cut down on the consumption of the disposable cups.

The Lost and found in the Dry changing room is full of items. Please check to see if anything is yours before we donate the items to charity.

There were SIX (6) new faces in humble beginnings this weekend so please say hello to any new faces you see, be warm and welcoming and help answer any questions they may have for you. Also, big thanks for always being so warm and welcoming to the drop-ins! We see a number of people traveling through DC who drop-in and the feedback is always phenomenal, so again, thank you!

Enjoy the fun this week: program for week 11.02.15