Week 11.16.15


  • Wednesday 11/18/15 we have a corporate event scheduled for the 6AM Anyone who cannot attend a different class time that day, please reach out to Lindsay to ensure there is space in that class.
  • Saturday 11/21/15 NO YOGA !!!!!!!
  • Next week we will announce our Holiday hours surrounding the Thanksgiving Holiday.
  • Re-cap from Veterans Day WOD: 24 of you guys showed up and showed support for our veterans and that is awesome! We hope to have more of these sorts of community building events! Thank you to all who donated to a good cause!

Just wanted to reiterate how grateful we at HB are for your support in reaching out to Lindsay during this tough time. We have truly enjoyed every email and message from you guys/gals!

And… Thank you for again being so welcoming to the new faces! They are excited to join the HB fam, and we are excited to have them!

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