Week 11.30

We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! Time to get back on the grind!!! 21 days until the Christmas Holiday/New years is upon us and we get somewhat distracted with traveling, eating, and forgetting to work out! Make sure you guys get in as much as possible to get a little head start on your holiday “off” season. Announcement: December 14th, Monday; 8:30pm-10pm Lululemon Georgetown will be hosting Humble Beast CrossFit/barbell club a private shopping window with a members only discount. In case you wanted to buy some fresh work-out gear or surprise someone with some lulu, now would be the ideal time. This is an opportunity for Lululemon Gtown to get to know our HB community. A few of their employees are members here at HB and the companies motto is community involvement so they are doing their best to get plugged in, and that is awesome! Lulu does not have sales, ever! So take advantage of this!

This weeks program is not going to be published. Lindsay requested as a birthday gift, not to share the program, but rather, as your gift to her, come as much as possible as often is possible regardless of knowing what the WOD will be. The more you come and the bigger the classes, the more of a gift it will be to her  :)

Don’t worry, as always, I promise it will be a good week (evil laugh).