Monday Lululemon Team sale and week 12.14.15

Reminder about the team sale Today (Monday 12/14/14 830pm-930pm)
This Team Sale would extend a one-time, 20% discount to all members that have been deemed acceptable to wear while training.
Product options: As an avid CrossFitter, you are able to purchase any gear that you can use for training including hoodies. Anything that would be considered "outerwear" like goose down would not be acceptable.
Parameters of Product Purchases:
-All items are a final sale and cannot be returned or exchanged.
-Team sale items are for personal purchase ONLY
-This team sale is only available at our location at 3265 M St NWon Monday, December 14th, from 8:30pm-9:30pm.
Purchasing Items:
  • Sizing: Because all items are a final sale it is important for your members try on the clothing beforehand so they have the correct size. If any of your members are unsure of their size or unfamiliar with our styles they can absolutely stop by to try on.

Click here for week 12.14.15