2016 "GOALS" post!

It's 2016!!! Which means it is obviously time for the obligatory “GOALS” post. We put up the “Accountability” board titled “GOALS” near the front desk and when you consult with your coaches and figure out a realistic 2016 goal, we will snap a photo of you to remind you to push yourself towards your set goal(s). I don’t think I need to stress the importance of goal setting and discipline towards achieving them; you guys do a very good job of that on your own! I would however, like to take this time to push for you guys to start tracking you progress a little better. For those of you who come consistently to the gym, and for those resolving to come more consistently, make sure you follow a load/deload style program in terms of relative intensity.

Like your squat program (for those of you following one), you have light/med/heavy and deload weeks. This is so that your muscle can build, adjust, rest, and recovery properly. Make sure you systematically follow the same approach for your WOD’s. Meaning, if you hit the gym hard for two weeks strait, take that third week and come in and really work on form and go about 50-75% intensity. This will be challenging for some of you who thrive on pushing yourselves, but I promise you, the more you push yourselves and don’t deload and give the body rest, the quicker you will burn out and or get injured.

For the newer members, just sit back and enjoy the ride, don’t stress anything-super heavy and don’t let yourself get too uncomfortable in the WODs. That will come later, I promise. Feel free to consult with me if you have any major questions or concerns moving forward in terms of setting and achieving your goals!

This is not a call to action to force you guys/gals into goal setting, it is rather a request that you help track your progress better for your own and the coaches sake.  It will be much easier to work with you guys/gals towards your set and future goals knowing your work capacity.

click here for 01.04.16 program