2016 Baltimore Open update and how .....

2016 Baltimore Open update and how these events involve and impact our community!!!! The 2016 Baltimore Open marked the 9th competition the Humble Beast Barbell Club has competed in!  That’s averaging 5 competitions a year! A big thank you goes out to all the family and friends who have came to support the team and see what an Olympic Style lifting competition looks like.  The majority of the Barbell club has been cultivated from the CrossFit program itself!  It is simply amazing what you guys can accomplish with the right mindset and environment!

This year's Baltimore Open Olympic Weightlifting competition included 5 of our very own Humble Beast Barbell Club lifters. Each and every one of our HBBC competitors accomplished a personal record; be it a all time best, or a competition best!  A total of 12 competition PRs were set between 5 lifters!  Simply amazing!  I want to remind the community and mainly CrossFitters, as you see the barbell club members in the gym with you, please use them. They spend a tremendous amount of time doing the Olympic and strength lifts.   They are a great resource on how to “improve” your strength and movements.  Also, encourage them to do some conditioning every now and then with you!

We are a family. It doesn’t matter if they are “doing a different program,” We share the same mutual space, come from the same backgrounds, have VERY similar goals, and have the same pseudo mom and dad (Lindsay and Jeff).

For those of you still looking to start your strength program, and you’re an AM class Go’er… reach out to MJ!  She will communicate with me and we will get you set up!

Let’s fill up this goal board of ours!  And let’s encourage each other to be more involved in each other’s goals!!!