CAL (Capital Affiliate League) Reflection part 2.

Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 8.09.56 PM Last Saturday, Humble Beast competed at Crossfit Warrenton (which, for those of you that are wondering, is very, very, very far away) as part of the Capital Affiliate League. CAL was my first experience competing in Crossfit, which turned out to be the same case for most of my fellow teammates. I found this comforting because it felt like we were all tackling a new challenge together.

Reflecting on my overall experience, what most struck me was how powerfully all of my teammates showed up for each other. Kara, our awesome team leader, crafted a really clean experience for everyone by strategizing the competitions and answering all of our questions. Jay encouraged us to state our intention before each competition, which I absolutely loved as it added an extra level of awareness that I might have forgotten about otherwise. We all agreed that we were mainly in it for the team bonding, to have fun, to not get injured and to test our limits.

When it came to the actual competition, my feelings about it were very mixed. A lot of the movements were completely new to me and I felt the need to err on the side of caution to protect my form instead of “going all out”—especially because good form was not the norm at these competitions. I finally understood why Crossfit tends to have a bad reputation in terms of causing injuries, something that has felt pretty foreign to me at Humble Beast. On the other hand, I felt really inspired when I did see certain competitors moving with excellent form. I was struck by how beautiful functional movement can be, and it is definitely something that I am striving towards.

With the reminder of how important proper technique is, I feel like I have reoriented my goals at the gym in order to keep this in mind. These competitions have definitely helped me prioritize the need to think mindfully about my Crossfit practice instead of focusing on going all out all the time.