Swolemates at HumbleBeast CrossFit!

Vday Saturday 2/27 Humble Beast CrossFit is hosting a Swolemates Event. This is a great opportunity for Local Washington D.C. CrossFitters AND non-CrossFitters to meet up, spark some conversation, enjoy awesome music from a live DJ, AND enjoy a nice scale-able workout!

Check-in begins at 5:00pm and will be closing at 5:30pm. Guests will introduce themselves to one another EMOM style, with the first 30 seconds dedicated to introductions and the last 30 seconds to a warm up movement. Guys will rotate clockwise at the top of the minute. Don't worry; you won't work up too much sweat! There will also be local vendors in attendance including “Barbell Babes.”

“Barbell Babes” is a Washington, D.C. based lifestyle brand and online community to help empower women to break boundaries in all types of fitness. All in all, this event will provide everything you need to enjoy your Saturday evening. Music, shopping, community, and new friends!


Register here: Swolemates @ Humble Beast CrossFit