Gymnastics Clinic Recap

This Past Saturday, June 4th, we hosted our first of many to follow Gymnastics Clinics taught by Humble Beast member and coach trainee, Alex B (aka Texas Alex). She focused on two skills: handstands and “The Kip”. During the handstand portion, we explored several shoulder and back mobility stretches. Next we learned the different steps involved in “kicking” up into a freestanding hand-stand and she gave us clear instruction on how to progress.

For “The Kip”, Alex demonstrated the hollow position again and taught us how to do static holds before doing the actual skill. Having Alex emphasize the different skill levels and progressions to fit into and follow will ultimately better help us challenge ourselves safely as we advance onto mastery of the movements!

Our next gymnastics clinic will be on June 25th at 10am. We will focus on another set of skills in the class. We hope to see you there! #morebendlesssnap