Do as much as needed, NOT as much as possible.

13427731_494171737454909_7970160742777719370_n As many of you know, our CrossFit program is not the typical program style and format that you would see at the usual CrossFit box. Our goal is simple, safe movement with big results. For those of you who are new to the program and thought that the three-hour lecture at Humble Beginnings was too much to reflect on, please take a moment to brush up on the class structure:

ACTIVATION/MOBILITY: The first 10 minutes of class is activation/mobility, NOT necessarily flexibility. Remember, mobility (MOB) is the movement around a joint, whereas flexibility is the range of motion or elasticity between two joints. Activation will be using intricate movements to activate the muscles that will be supporting the major muscles “in demand” for the days “WOD”.

In terms of movement, we are more concerned with your joints. Again, remember the joints do not get blood as actively as your muscles do (reference the bicep/elbow temperature demonstration). Thus, it is IMPORTANT to mobilize the joints! For those of you early birds... PLEASE REMEMBER to try and come NO EARLIER than 15 mins before the start of the class. This way you do not interfere with the previous class. If you are one of those CrossFitters who needs to do a 15-minute metcon as your warm up, please reconsider (see below description of daily program).

SKILL/STRENGTH: For the next 20-30 minutes of class we apply our skill/strength portion. During this time it is the coach’s job to watch you guys move, make assessments, and fix the problems (major to minor). We all have multiple problems with the way we move. It is absolutely unrealistic to attempt to fix them ALL in one class. We as your coaches will address the most important ones first. For those of you who are not following a strength regimen, this is for two reasons: 1. I have not seen you move enough to determine your strength capacity and projected ability and 2. You may need more work on range of motion (ROM) and MOB before worrying about “strength” and #GAINZ. For those of you working on ROM, make sure you are doing active MOB between all skill/strength sets.

Now, for those of you who insisted on your 15-minute metcon as a “warm-up.” Congratulations, you now have much less energy than you think you have to output for/to accomplish you strength set. We are immediately referencing Tuesday/Thursday when you are supposed to be squatting heavy, doing max effort pull-ups and dips. Then again on Thursdays, with the addition of max effort plyometric activity. If you are not taxed to near exhaustion after your strength portion, you may want to re-evaluate your strength regimen. You are allowed to make adjustments based on your desires, i.e., Hard, heavy reps ^8-12 WILL build strong muscle. Similarly, 18-22 reps will do the opposite, build lesser strength, more “toned” endurance-based muscle. Talk to your coach and explain your goals!

AS FOR MONDAY/WEDNESDAY: I cannot emphasize enough how important a body weight narrow grip over-head squat (OHS) is. If you cannot OHS flawlessly, your body will have issues later on, even with amazingly watchful coaches. Remember, the OHS is a functional movement and tool to test/evaluate your body’s operative ROM. Snatches, yes Wednesday, are THE MOST athletic movement known to a weightlifter. The snatch, the ability to learn and execute will do wonders for your body’s hand eye coordination, neuromuscular control, explosivity, etc. If your learning curve is slow, that should tell you something. Please YouTube, all jokes aside, “Chinese female snatch world championships” and then tell me the movement is useless.

CONDITIONING: Last ^20 minutes. This portion of the class is designed to provide conditioning. Whether we incorporate VO2max (as seen Mondays), Lactate threshold, or a combination of the two, you are the boss of your relative intensity. Remember, an athlete can only perform 7 seconds of absolute power output. I’m giving you ^20 seconds. There are NO EXCUSES to be walking around talking about how hard the WOD was immediately after. Don’t feel like you got in a good work out? Find more will power to dig deeper and explore more of the metabolic pain cave. Stick around one evening and watch me do a metcon. It’s disturbing and you will want to intervene and beg me to stop torturing myself. And afterwards? Want to talk? GET OUT OF MY FACE! But seriously, I don’t need that effort, but know it exists if you want certain results. People who get stronger and look different, they aren’t anomalies, they are dedicated (in their program and especially their diets). They apply themselves, stop making excuses, and they following instruction. REST, CLEAN UP and time allowing, now stretch.

One note about Saturday: Saturday’s WOD will always be a partner/endurance style WOD. The goal should be more of a mental barrier, not so much “physical strength". The WOD is usually designed to last 30+ minutes and on many occasions, intended to end in incompletion. It is important you give it your all even if you doubt the ability to complete it. Trust me, “failure to complete” is successful in many other ways! You will gain great understanding from completing things for effort and intensity and not “completion".

That is our class structure ladies and gents. Communication is open and I expect it back from you. You guys will help dictate the energy in the class. Want louder music? Speak up, turn it up. Yell at each other, push each other. This is your gym, your community and these are your workouts!

- Coach Jeff & the Humble Beast staff