August Mobility Month: Week 3

It's week three of Mobility Month! Hopefully you have been working diligently on your techniques and in return life is getting easier! The things we have noticed that have become easier is putting on socks, randomly squatting to crack knees, and WODs.

For the third week, let’s focus on these new additions:

Morning: Down dog and knee to head stand - but let’s add some reps! Try to get into this movement for  up to 5 minutes.

Work: Wall bridge and seated hip stretch. Let's also add a standing back bend. Put your hands on your bottom, raise your chest up and bend backwards.

Home: Add a deeper hero pose to the end of your evening. If you watch TV, challenge yourself to watch commercial breaks in stretching positions. Otherwise, spend a little more time taking advantage of your post-shower body temperature and get a good 5-10 minute routine in right after.

Remember, we are trying to form good habits. Keep up the good work!