August Mobility Month: Roll Out!

It's the final week of our August Mobility Month! This week we want to address an area that we have not yet emphasized due to the fact that it’s in the one place that you are so often held accountable: the gym.

Moving forward let’s add foam rolling into our pre-stretching routine. Foam rollers are used to mimic myofascial release techniques in order to increase range of motion (ROM). The roller-massager was designed to serve a similar purpose, but it's a more portable device that uses the upper body rather than body mass to provide the rolling force.  If you read this PDF, you will see that foam rolling has been argued to increase ROM by 4.3%!

In terms of rolling, our preferred approach are the troubled areas. Roll with pressure, slowly, until you find areas of tension or “pain”.  Three minutes per area is the usual prescription.We have two main rollers at Humble Beast CrossFit: the softer, introductory foam roller and the stiffer, less forgiving grid roller. Coach Jeff tends to “roll out” twice, sometimes three times daily. He will target the same areas over and over until the tension or pain from application diminishes from sometimes an unbearable level, to a comfortable or more comfortable level.

If you're looking to acquire your own convenient roller to add to your gym bag and/or home, has a great option.

By the end of this week, you should have formed a pretty solid set of habits in body maintenance consisting of morning movement to get blood moving and wake up your joints, work related body maintenance in a seated or standing position, pre-WOD enhancements via pre-stretch foam rolling at HB, and PM pre-bed mobility.

If you're actively doing these and still have muscle/joint aches and pains, let the Humble Beast staff know but, please make a routine out of muscle/joint maintenance first! Take care of your body, it's only one you are blessed with!