Top 7 Frequently Asked Questions at Humble Beast CrossFit

With the new year comes an influx of new members and a variety of questions. We would like to address a few frequently asked questions to benefit our HB fam. Current members, please welcome any new faces and show them around if they look lost or have questions!

1. What is your late policy?

If you arrive late, we understand. Simply join the class without disrupting the flow. If you miss the instruction portion of class, you are accountable for acquiring directions/instructions once the coach is done getting the class started. If you are more than 15 minutes late, please adjust your schedule and plan to attend the next class.

2. Do you have showers?

Yes. We supply hand/sweat towels, so if you plan to shower after a class, please bring a bath towel. If you are in a busy class, communicate with those amongst you who will be showering and stagger yourselves so the faster showers’ go before the slower.

3. Can drop-ins attend yoga and specialty workshops?

Yes. They will be billed and treated as any other class.

4. Are there specific details for yoga?

Yoga begins promptly at 10am SHARP. Once the practice has started, the door will be locked and absolutely ZERO exceptions are made for late entries. We have a limited number of Lululemon mats to share. Please bring your own if possible. 

5. Why is so much of the class skill related?

In accordance to the principles of mechanical force production, maximal force production cannot occur safely unless the system operates autonomically. Otherwise, the system is at a respectively increased risk of injury as resistance increases and form does not. We teach all of our technical lifts with great detail and progression. Once the athlete has achieved fluent articulation of a skill, they are set into a specified strength template.

6. Will I benefit if I don't attend class everyday?

Yes, although daily attendance is encouraged, the program is designed to maximize metabolic capacities on a daily basis. The daily program is scalable based on each athlete's work capacity based on coach's discretion. In general, come when you can, but not based on how you feel, come based on your schedule. We offer 7 classes a day for a reason. 

7. Do you offer nutritional consultation?

Yes, we offer a holistic approach to understanding the physiology behind consumption, production, and outcome. Our members can schedule one-on-one consultations with Lindsay Jenkins at