End of the Year Focus: Stability

There's a thrill about doing the Humble Beast CrossFit program: being able to lift weights every day of the week. Whether it be the push press, back squat or thruster, we often take for granted our ability and the excitement we gain from lifting weights.

The excitement that comes from pushing yourself in the program could potentially come to an end. Typical ends are by way of a plateau or injury - both at which are avoidable when the foundation/fundamentals to the strength movements are being improved as well. This means that stretching, yoga, and stability are equally as important as the strength and conditioning program.


While most of us thrive off of lifting heavy weights, the mere thought of doing yoga or stretching may terrify us. Some of us may also avoid doing the stability exercises in the beginning of class because they may be difficult. It may feel too embarrassing to scale the bodyweight movements.

Yoga is an effective means to build and test stability by engaging the stabilizing muscles, core, and larger muscle groups, while incorporating bodyweight movements and balance. Stability work is meant to be an activator. The stability movements at the beginning of class are meant to wake up your smaller stabilizer muscles, not fatigue them. They are also designed to work hand-in-hand with and around the core function. You have access to yoga on Saturdays at 10am sharp and daily access to the stability exercises in class.

Over the next few weeks and months, you will see stability workshops pop up on our calendar. (Check our website or social channels for upcoming events.) These workshops will teach you a more in-depth approach to the application of these stability exercises.  

Let’s really hit the ground running this month with focusing on growing the foundation (stability) of our strength movements so we can continue to PR and grow!