Fall Back into Yoga

Why is incorporating yoga into your CrossFit program essential for proper gains? Correct balance is what makes a complimentary program. Every day, our class starts with stretching and mobility; the remainder of class is an organized strength and conditioning regimen. Making our yoga class complimentary. Yoga will not always be an easy, laid-back stretching routine. In fact, many of you will conclude that the class is rather challenging, physically and mentally, but in different ways than the Humble Beast CrossFit program is. 


With intent, the placement of the yoga class is at the end of our weekly “load” micro cycle and before the longer Saturday WOD. Taking the CrossFit class after yoga on Saturdays is completely possible. Will it be hard? Yes. Will it still provide balance? Yes. Please do not look to our yoga class to be some sort of out of body experience, meditation or religion, but rather, a physical means to compliment your daily workweek.

Our yoga class starts promptly at 10am. All access to the building will conclude once class begins. (Please do not pull on the door; be courteous to our members taking class.) Our yoga instructors are trained and experienced in different disciplines and utilize their knowledge and experience with both yoga and CrossFit to provide a class that compliments our Humble Beast CrossFit program regimen. See you at yoga! Namaste.

October Yoga Schedule:

October 7th - Yoga with Melissa

October 14th - Yoga with Claire

October 21st - Yoga with Claire

October 28th - Yoga with Melissa