Train Smarter, Not Harder: The Consequences of Over-Exercising

This blog post was written by Coach Jeff Jenkins.

Due to the fact that I have my Master of Science degree in Human Movement (more specifically, strength and conditioning), I have to call a spade a spade, a lie a lie, and encouragement a mis-direction. I'm all for encouraging people to exercise! Yes, get your friends moving, but do not stop there! Do not simply encourage your friend who does not eat, to eat; take them to McDonald's and drop them off! Not all exercise is created equal, and too often people will reap the benefits of the initial workout regimented lifestyles. They will then become addicted to it and metaphorically overdose on it.

This article does a great job reminding and informing its readers the importance and benefits from exercise. In fact, I'm sold! It sounds like a commercial for NZT, legalized NZT! Although, if any of you watched the movie Limitless, you know that there are crazy risks that come with prolonged use of NZT.

The same can be said in regards to exercise. Chronic overuse, aka bad exercise, can and will lead to injury. I wonder what the statistics (not studied or mentioned) are on what severity of mental depression comes from exercise-related injuries? What the rate of return to exercise is after a person suffers from chronic shin-splints from running? What the rate of return to strength and conditioning is when a female hurts her shoulder doing a bad press and is now being subjected to “extended core-work-fitness?” Too often I find people who were encouraged to exercise, then sent to a globo-gym fitness class (HIIT), or started jogging miles on end, and inevitably suffered an injury and decided “Whelp, I tried! I guess exercise is not for me.”  

All in all, I just wanted to chime in as your coach and say to share these articles, read these articles, but be more educated and be able to help educate and encourage your friends to differentiate healthy exercise from exercise. Train smarter, not harder to live longer, not louder. #trainhardstayhumble