Not Your Average Weightlifting Competition Recap

Last Sunday, April 9th, seven of the Humble Beast Barbell Club (HBBC) members put on their singlets and threw up some big weights! The roster consisted of: Tiffany Klinger, Michael Lai, Noah Nichols, Johnny Lam, Matt Rothman, Jay G, and Coach MJ.


We encourage you to open conversation with these lifters to hear about their accomplishments. It will not only educate you on the weightlifting competition format, but also help you understand why our Tuesdays and Wednesdays here at Humble Beast CrossFit (HBCF) are so important. Hint: Olympic weightlifting days. Also, it will encourage them as lifters and potentially strengthen your relationships with one another.

So, how does an Olympic weightlifting competition relate to your HBCF programing? More than you may realize! For starters, you both follow pre-meditated programs! One monumental difference between a “gym”, “fitness class”, and a “program”, is the thought and design put into them. Programs are pre-planned, have intention, and have starting points (absolute) and ending points (goals). There are down periods and peaks, most of which are planned/strategized, and achieved. From day one (our Humble Beginnings class), Coach Jeff tried to ingrain into your brains that HBCF isn’t just a cool gym, full of cool people, who listen to cool music, and talk about eating cool things; but rather that we all follow a program that is heavily suggested to give us absolute improvements in both strength and conditioning aspects. This is not an opportunity for us to bash other fitness regimens on the market, but to further clarify why you elect daily to come to HBCF. We are more concerned with your longevity and progressive improvements, and not about how much we can make each day hard for you so that you can IG/snap/blog about it, although it may seem that way some days.

Also like you CrossFitters, the HBBC has a separate, but equally precise, program they follow. Some of them work with us and have learned to integrate the HBCF program into the HBBC program to give them a mixture of the results both offer. In short, The HBCF program makes you strong and conditioned: a fine-tuned balance with more time spent on the harder of the two (strength), while the HBBC program makes you really, really, really strong. If you mix the two together, you get stronger than strong, and relatively conditioned (with the ability to manipulate this variable). Now, just because you aren’t going to weightlifting competitions every 3-4 months, it doesn’t mean we don’t simulate similar stimulus.

Have you ever notice the four weeks of “maxing” we do following the 12 weeks of linear progressions we follow? Or,  how at the beginning of class we say, “This is week X of so and so, and X more weeks left before we max.” Essentially, we're reminding those in attendance the importance of slow and steady growth so that when we test/max out, we can calculate our gains and re-assess for the next cycle (every 16 weeks).  

Could progress be made from general fitness and general group classes? Yes, absolutely! But, that’s relative based on un-predicted growth. We prefer reserved, precise-predictions to guarantee growth. More so, repeated growth. By working with a lesser load more often, we can further critique and improve movement, and thus strength. These are aspects that both the HBCF and HBBC programs thrive on.

This should be a stern reminder that if you miss a day (maybe even two), it’s not the end of the world. Our program has a long-term view that is way more progressive than a “missed” WOD. So, don't be so hard on yourself, you're doing great! Just show up to as many classes as you can.