August Self-Care Workshops & Welcome Tamara Breuer, Resident Massage Therapist

Summer is quickly coming to an end; maybe you've been working hard or maybe you've been enjoying summer a little too much? Either way, R&R is vital to your programming at HB. Lucky for you, we have a new resident massage therapist! You may have seen her in CrossFit or Barbell Club, but Tamara Breuer, who is a licensed massage therapist (and who just spend 6 months in Thailand to learn Thai massage), will be joining the HB staff! You can learn more about Tamara here.

This month instead of having two of our yoga classes on the 12th and 19th, Tamara and Jeff will be conducting tactical workshops on self-care. The workshops will relate to injury recognition, treatment, and prevention. They will be an hour in length from 10am-11am, on their respective dates and times, and can be attended pre-WOD, or for general knowledge and application.

TAMARA BREUER Resident Massage Therapist

Resident Massage Therapist

The first workshop on August 12th 10am-11am, will be led by Tamara. She will walk you through understanding your muscular fascia, how to properly release the fascia, and general awareness and application of the foam roller and lacrosse ball. The understanding of the process in which your muscles break down and heal, as well as how to aid that process is pivotal in injury prevention. The focus of this workshop will be around the shoulders and wrists.

The second workshop on August 19th 10am-11am, will be led by Jeff. He will be talking about injury and the relational cause and effects of range of motion (ROM). ROM, albeit good or bad ROM can lead to injury if one does not understand how to maintenance the parts involved. This workshop will focus on the application of self-administered and partner applied techniques to increase ROM during all movements from basic to advance. We will also focus on the major muscles with the most relatable issues.  

Remember, injury is not a bad word. It comes with the territory in terms of fitness. The good news is, with proper supervision and instruction, injury can be kept to a minimum. However, in the presence of an injury, treatment and adherence to correctional exercise is key. These two workshops will deliver essential tools to help you continue to grow at Humble Beast CrossFit with not only a reduced risk of injury, but also a reduced recovery period.