Humble Beast Barbell Club: USA Weightlifting American Open Series II Recap

Our Humble Beast Barbell Club competed at the 2017 USA Weightlifting American Open Series regional competition from Friday, July 28th to Sunday, July 30th in Miami, FL. This regional competition is different from that of a local competition. To lift at a regional level event, the lifter must lift at a USAW (United States Weightlifting federation) sanctioned event and qualify a minimum entry total. A total is defined by the lifter completing at least one of their three Snatches and respective Clean & Jerk. Your typical local Weightlifting club (LWC) meet has about 150 lifters. This is usually capped due to space and staff limitations. There are eight female and eight male weight classes making on average, 10-15 lifters per weight class. To put things into perspective, this regional competition, split into three series, has over 900 lifters per series. Some weight classes had over 60 lifters!

Friday, July 28th

Tiffany Klinger (@thebarbellbabe) lifted as a -58kg female amongst 60+ other females. She placed 1st in her session and finished in 28th out of 59 women.

Resident recreational Humble Beast CrossFitter Matt Rothman (@rothmantechtips) took the platform as a men’s Masters (35yr+) -77kg lifter and had a nail biting bout for the bronze medal, only to be inched out by kilos.


Saturday, July 29th

Charlie (@charlie.caris), aka Chuck, Chaz Caris, old man tennis took the stage as a -77kg and had a sensational session. You can ask him about his blood joke in person; it’s quite the knee slapper. Charlie went 3/6 lifts and walked about with a competition PR (personal record) in the snatch.

Sunday, July 30th


Veteran National Masters lifter, Jessica Sandle (@mccpaleo), took the platform as a 90kg+ and pieced together a solid total. Jessica is planning on lifting at the LWC invitation championship in late September and was using this competition as a check-in. She also used it as an opportunity to lift with and support her fellow HBBC members.

Competitions are great and easy to reflect on them with the woulda, coulda, and shoulda’s, but these athletes left it all on the platform and we couldn’t be more proud of them. Hours and hours of diligent hard work goes in to building the skill and strength base to lift six attempts that are as heavy as possible. Give these guys a round of applause and a high five, turkey, or snail (ask Emilie Jackson about the latter two) when you see them next!