2019 Humble Beast CrossFit Member Goals

Before you gasp and think to yourself, “Oh man, here comes another year of trying to set some seemingly unrealistic ‘goal’ I will potentially never achieve…” STOP and take a deep breath. We at Humble Beast CrossFit are here to help you with a couple things in the 2019 goals board setting process. First off, we want to start adopting the principle/s of short-term goal setting. This means we will help each other make short (1-3 month) goals; multiple ones, so that we can better have our eyes set on more tangible goals.


What will this look like? For starters, a lot more photos and fun poses! We want you to be excited to snap a polaroid for the goals board. Since we will have short term goals, we will be rolling out the “completed” goals board as well. We will convert your goal with a new polaroid to the completed goal board. Hopefully seeing each other post and accomplish short-term goals will help, motivate and encourage one another to make and set new ones continuously. The goal is to have constant movement on the boards. We want continuous flow of goal setting and achieving!

Get creative! Talk to each other and help share creative short-term goals to post on the goals board. Examples of short-term goals are:

  1. Do Yoga + WOD one Saturday a month. 

    This would be an example of a monthly goal that you could shoot to achieve.

  2. Shoot for 1 RX work out a week.

    This would be a one-week goal or evolve it into: one RX WOD/week for a month.

  3. Quantify snacks, if snacking is an issue for you.  

    Jeff would say something like, one candy night a month for three months. That would be a 3-month goal.

HumbleBeast-79 (1).jpg

This does not mean we are eliminating the ‘2019’ annual goal, but rather making the bigger goal more of a personal goal and the shorter goals more public. The more transparent you are with your goals, the more realistic they will seem. The more accountability you can/will have, the better chance you will have at achieving them!

BONUS: A great monthly goal (from our perspective) would be to bring one new person to the gym, each week! (Spoiler alert: February may be another great month (F&F rate) to do so!)