May You Be Motivated This Month and Beyond

You know the feeling you get when you see an advertisement for a new product from your favorite company? The excitement that builds when you see a trailer for a new summer blockbuster that promises to be the best film you will ever see? What about the anxiousness that builds all day Friday before it’s friYAY night? How about the impatience you have when you get a new pair of shoes, dress, jeans, golf clubs, etc; something you cannot wait to use? What about the irrational behavior you exhibit when you hear that new summer jam (Drake, nice for what)? You know the dancing in public feeling, the “I can do anything with this song playing feeling.” Well, these are all normal internal feelings associated with being motivated.  

Conversely, how do you feel Sunday night when you have an 8am client call on Monday with “that client?” Where is the friYAY excitement when you have to take a red eye for a panel on a subject that is super boring? Or better yet, who’s pumped for Sunday brunch when you don’t have any fresh new outfits? Again, there are equally as many discouraging factors to help restrict your ability to make #gainz across all of life’s domains, aka be unmotivated.


For the month of May, we will come together individually and as a gym to help find any and every association of positivity and motivation! There are many ways to get yourself and others motivated to be at Humble Beast. There are also many ways to get yourself motivated IN THE GYM! Getting here should not be enough. You should be full throttle from before to after.

Think of the most motivating person you know at Humble Beast, and think about how they are outside the gym. Typically, they’re still awesome! Have you ever thought to ask what motivates them? A humble approach, but it's just as humble to admit to yourself that you may need help being motivated. If everyone took that approach, and practiced motivational approaches, think about how exciting your 60-minutes at HB would be!

So, here's our game plan:

We list a handful of ways to practice growing in our ability to be motivated and, to help motivate others.

1. Set goals!

Set a goal that will intrinsically motivate you to want to be at the gym. Share these goals with others. This will hold you accountable! Ask others what their goals are and check in on them frequently. Do not underestimate how good it feels to be asked about your progress and to be encouraged to keep progressing!

2. Buddy system

In a non-creepy way, exchange phone numbers (do not use this as an opportunity to creep). Text each other at reasonable agreed upon hours. Encourage each other, start group threads, create positivity in attending and help make missing the gym have a fun, but negative connotation.

3. Treat yourself!

It’s okay to buy a pair of workout shoes once in a while. Many times we know of websites to obtain good quality shoes for a very fair price! This is an investment to yourself! New, hot, flashy sneakers go a long way in motivation. When you feel as you've earned it - go for it. Also, don't be afraid to compliment others on their fresh gear. People like compliments of all shapes and sizes!

4. Bring the energy!

Literally and physically! Meditate, pray, self-talk, pre-game. Do what you have do to get #lit for the 60-minute HB sesh!

5. Speak up, shut up and dance!

Music is everything when working out. Make music request! Tell the coach if the tunes are weak! Just as a reminder, we have two major rules at HB: a. Avoid music with profanity as much as possible, and b. The songs have to be situationally fulfilling, i.e. no Adele during a WOD, but maybe during death-volume, soul-seeking, deep-squats.


Don’t be that person in a rush to finish, in a rush to clean up, and in a rush to leave. When you finish, encourage others to finish. We are a team! Thank others for their encouragement. Don’t clean up your station and ignore the fact that others are still working their butts off! Let a coach know if you need to leave early so they can assure the rest of the class you’re not selfish.

There are lots of other ways to be and stay motivated, but this is a good start for everyone. If we all start with these, we can imagine HB being electric all week long!