How My Family Experience Is Relatable to a CrossFit WOD

This blog post was written by Coach Jeff.

This past Mother’s Day weekend, my sister thought it would be a good idea to go Go-Kart racing with my family. This included my 80-year-old, non-English speaking Korean grandmother, whom has never driven a vehicle a day in her life. What could go wrong?


As we revved the electric motors at the 45,000 square foot indoor course, I looked around and realized we were all wearing similar helmets, buckled in the same harnesses, received the same instructions from the same instructor, and shared the same equipment. The only difference is that we all probably had completely different intentions that day.

If you know me, you know that I'm super competitive and get this from my father. Just like at Humble Beast, the words 3,2,1… Go… sounded off and the green flag was down (signifying a start to the race). Having already researched the fastest track times, I was off to beat the best track scores!

About halfway through the race, I lapped around to find my grandmother DEAD STOPPED in the middle of the course, having a full-blown conversation (about who knows what) with my grandfather! So, I did what any good grandson would do: I plowed into her and yelled, “MOVE IT!”


After the race finished, the six of us were in the lobby looking at our scores from around the same track, reflecting on the great time we all had. We all wanted a different experience and were able to obtain that. All I could think was how glad I was that this company allowed for people of all ages, experiences, and goal orientations to participate in the same activity. 

The take away from my experience was that everyone will want different things from the same activity, and that's OKAY! It’s also okay to encourage others to want more, and simultaneously okay for you to do LESS at times. As my own grandmother demonstrated: enjoying the passing cars.

So, think about this the next time you’re working out: when you're what the WOD is ahead of class, thinking about your lifts, and stressing over your PR's, remember that some of us are there to simply enjoy the passing cars, learn, and be motivated to do something we have never done before.

I have loved all the motivation and encouragement being displayed in classes. Let’s keep it up and keep it moving past #MayMotivation!