How the Humble Beast CrossFit Programming Differs from the Reebok CrossFit Games


Like every CrossFit gym worldwide, there is a prefix or suffix to CrossFit. The Reebok CrossFit games are no different. Each of the ~14,075 CrossFit affiliates worldwide are given the freedom to freely adapt the flexible and ambiguous definition of CrossFit (Constantly varied, functional movement, delivered with high/relative intensity). “The Reebok CrossFit games” are no different. If you simply look at the Reebok CrossFit games as just that, another, exclusive affiliate, you will easily see that it is not by any means, right or wrong, but rather, unique and designed for a unique purpose and goal. 

The goals of our CrossFit affiliate- Humble Beast CrossFit are vastly different than the goals of the “Reebok CrossFit games” affiliate. Our foundation is a 4-month periodized program approach that delivers organized skill training, strength application and complementary conditioning.  At the Reebok CrossFit games affiliate, the “affiliate” is hypothetically only open for 5-days (the length of the competition), in which time, the goal is to push the clients (qualified athletes) to their absolute physical threshold/limits.

Some of you may be aware that we as a gym just finished month (4) of our 4-month periodized cycle, also known as “max month”. Think about this; trying to squeeze max month into 5 days, and then expand on that exponentially and viola! you have the Reebok CrossFit games affiliate methodology. 

So then, what do these athletes do when they are NOT at this prestigious affiliate?  Well, they follow an organized strength and conditioning program, with absolute scalability. Moral of the story, what these athletes do at this theoretical “affiliate” is unsustainable over the long term. Simply DM (direct message) any of them through the gram (Instagram). They will surely respond that those were the hardest 5 days of their year. So, partner, team, social group up and watch the games. Let’s even talk about the games, but let’s not try to recreate the Reebok CrossFit games in our daily fitness and training regimen.