Love the Process: A Forward from Coach Jay

Recently, I found myself caught in the same fitness cycle. Commitment and discipline led to action. Action produced improvements. Improvement begot improvement. At some point, I paid less attention to the process and more on the goals. Deficiencies crept in and injury occurred. Each time I reset and adjusted my approach to the process: less load, increase mobility work, take a hiatus, focus on technique, physical therapy, etc. Each time the injury went dormant, the cycle continued and eventually injury resurfaced. This time, mental fatigue took hold. I began to think about settling - just mitigate some and manage. After all, isn't this was happens to 43-year-olds who spent their last 30 years playing organized sport, romping throughout the Rocky Mountains, and traveling the globe?


No, it's not. Mindset is key, and perspective is crucial. So after too many cycles, I wrote Coach Jeff a long email laying out my situation, as I saw it.  Then, I sat down with him for an hour to gather some of his knowledge and perspective. Within that hour, he identified my problems, programed the start of my rehab, helped me integrate rehab into class time, and set markers for future assessment in 4-8 weeks. 

Like most, I was aware of the imbalances between the left and right sides of my body. Jeff's diagnostic approach was more encompassing. He not only identified musculature asymmetry in my right glut and groin, he highlighted the current flaws in my smaller stabilizing muscles that support the big movers. He also determined some deficiencies when my glut and groin muscles need to coordinate with my core to perform a movement. Just want I wanted to hear (sarcasm).

I wanted an easier, less time consuming solution caused by an acute incident or genetics. That way I could at least blame something other than poor posture over the years, or my lack of focus on activation movements or accessory work. I loathed rehab; had since high school. Repetitive isolation movements is why I gravitated to CrossFit many moons ago. My disdain for isolated movements is why my injury kept resurfacing.

Often, I'm reminded that access to resources is a privilege that should not be taken for granted. Yet, I do. Time and time again I say, "I have to" or "I should do." This mindset is neither humble nor beastly. I have the privilege to put resources towards my fitness and nutrition. “I get to” do that. I have the privilege to choose long-term, meaningful health over short-term, fleeting experiences or emotions. When you have the Humble Beast community, and love the process, your goals no longer need to be the focus. Goals are a byproduct of loving the process. I love rehab because it's not rehab anymore. It's part of the process.

- Coach Jay