If you have not had the privilege to read Coach Jay G’s, “Love the Process” post, you can do so HERE. To dovetail on the moral of Jay’s post, one must figure out the process in order to, love it. Let’s recap his approach. 

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1. Mind Set

It is important for us (both coaches and peers) to understand your perspective. Often times, you may believe/ view things to be different than what those around would, and possibly skewed from how things may actually be. The mind can be so tricky!!

For example, in the past, Jay would view himself as, limited, broken, incapable, etc. where I had to remind him, he was not. 

2. Assessment

Your mindset is critical for an accurate and reliable self- assessment. Get help! Coaches at HB are well equipped to help asses you, your mindset, and your position relative to your goals/challenges.

3. The Plan

Leave with a plan. Your plan should make sense to both you and coach(es). It should have obtainable actions and a timeline. The plan should be written down for reference and accountability. 

4. Check-In

HB staff will work diligently to follow-up with and check-in with you guys on a regular basis, but, you are your first line of support! Stay connected and update us with your progress so we can reassess as needed and make HARD deadlines so when it’s time to test/re-test, you do so. 

5. Evaluation, Progress

Evaluate the process, implement change and continue to repeat steps 1-3.

As Jay mentioned, success takes time and it comes in many different forms.  Enjoy the process of figuring out different ways to set, plan, execute, and achieve a multitude of goals this year!