HB COMMUNITY: How Member, Gabby Pollack, Used CrossFit to Train for the Marine Crops Marathon

New York native, Gabby Pollack, discovered Humble Beast shortly after she moved to Washington, DC. A year later, she ran a full marathon and attributes her success to the HB CrossFit programming. We caught up with the HB member to find out how she was able to balance the two very different sports.


Where are you originally from? What brought you to Washington, DC?

I was born and raised in Long Island, NY and graduated from Vassar College in May of 2017. I moved to DC that August to work as a research fellow at the National Institutes of Health, studying Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. I will be in DC until April of this year, where I will be traveling for four months before starting medical school this fall.


What is your sports background?


I was a three-season athlete in high school and then tried to train alone during college. I mostly ran and biked throughout college and definitely did NOT lift at all!


How did you first hear about Humble Beast?

I had been doing CrossFit at a gym in NY for about three months and absolutely loved it. My dad actually found out about Humble Beast and brought me in a week after I arrived in DC. I immediately fell in love with the environment and community that HB fosters!


What changes have you seen since training at HB? 

I never lifted weights and pretty much only did cardio prior to starting CrossFit. After a year and a half of being at HB, I can’t believe my upper body strength now! I always had relatively strong legs from soccer, cycling, and track, but being able to do pull-ups and lift weights have been my most drastic changes. Further, following Lindsay’s clean eating plan has changed the way I think about food and has made me feel more energized and stronger!


You completed a full marathon at the end of last year. Congrats! How did your training at HB help improve your times?

While I was first getting into CrossFit last year, I was also still enjoying running a lot. Someone from HB actually suggested that I try an obstacle course race (like Spartan) and I loved it! From there I had the idea to challenge myself a bit and run a marathon. I talked to my dad and he wanted to do one as well! We signed up for the Marine Corps marathon in DC! I had no idea how to train and I knew that I didn’t want to give up any of the workouts at HB. I talked to Jeff, Lindsay and Melissa about how to supplement super long runs with really good workouts; when to do my shorter runs. I ended up training for my marathon mostly through HB programming (Monday, Wednesday and Friday), and then doing one long run during the weekend. I also did 1-2 short runs during the week. I ended up finishing the race and not being very sore! In fact, I was sorer after the Murph Challenge we did back in May! I couldn’t of imagined doing the marathon without the guidance of Jeff, Lindsay and Melissa. They were so helpful in getting my strength back post-marathon. (I lost some strength because you work different muscles when you’re running.)


What has being a part of the HB community meant to you?

It means everything to me! I didn’t know anyone when I moved to DC, and having HB here really helped me transition to a new city. I’ve met amazing people and enhance my fitness level! I really can’t imagine my DC experience without HB. The coaches and other members are amazing. I’ve felt so inspired and encouraged by them! I love waking up to go to the 7am class because I know how supported I will be during my workouts. The HB community means so much to me and I feel so lucky to have been able to be a part of it!