HB COMMUNITY: Get to Know Humble Beast CrossFit's Very Own Hype Man, Joshua Asomugha

If you’ve been around Humble Beast CrossFit member, Joshua Asomugha, you know that he is the number one hype man in the gym! We took some time to find out a little more about him, like how the HB community has helped fuel his own motivation for life.


Where are you originally from?

I’m one of the few DMV natives! I was born in Washington, DC and raised in Prince George's County, MD. I went to Morgan State University in Baltimore, MD and returned to DC for work after graduation. My life revolves around DC because I work in DC, go to church in DC, workout at HB. Most of my family and friends live in DC or in the DMV area.

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What do you do for a living? 

Currently, I work as a Financial Management Analyst for the General Services Administration. The best parts of my job are building relationships with clients, helping them think through their problems and providing solutions to their problems.


What is your fitness background? 

My fitness journey was birthed out of brotherly competition. When I was younger, it was common for my brothers and I to fight; assert our dominance over each other. We lacked proper gym equipment to build strength, so we turned to calisthenics: lifting chairs, tables or anything we could get our hands on. In high school, I played basketball and ran cross-country. After my high school sports career ended, the gym became my second home where spent long hard hours working on my glamour muscles (biceps, triceps, chest, traps, and lats). After college, I got into mud races, but retired after suffering a knee injury. 


When did you join Humble Beast and what brought you here?

I joined about two years ago by way of Jeff and Lindsay. At the time, we attend the same church and my pastor introduced us after one Sunday morning service. The rest is history! I joined HB during a hard time in my life and have never regretted it. The community-style workouts have helped me build confidence and consistency in other areas of my life as well. 


What have you gained out of your experience here?

I've gained a lot! I love and appreciate the coaching staff because they all care. My favorite classes are yoga and Saturday partner WODs. I've seen my mobility and functional movement improve due to attending yoga. It prepares me for the subsequent partner workouts. I really appreciate the hard work that Claire and Melissa put into leading us every Saturday. 

 What has being a part of the Humble Beast community meant to you?

This community is like having another family. I've had the opportunity to meet some great people and some life long friends. I enjoy the competitive, yet encouraging nature of the gym. In my experience, the coaching staff and members are genuinely interested in my success. During a WOD, it's common to hear, "Good job, guys!" or "Josh, keep pushing!" or Jeff yelling, "Asomugha! Asomugha! Asomugha!" Those small nuggets of encouragement help push me to get an additional rep, finish a difficult lift or WOD. The community-style workouts have increased my desire to workout so much that I try to make it to HB 5-6 days a week!

What are a few things the other members don’t know about you?

- I have 4 siblings: an older sister, a twin brother and two younger twin brothers separated by a year. 

- If I didn't have an ordinary job, I would be a Mixed Martial Artist.

- I like men's fashion; I was a male model in college.

- I have an unhealthy fascination with Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts and Combat Sports.