eMPoweR. Get It? MPR. What Is Muscle Phasing and Why Is Coach Talking About It So Much?

Understanding muscle phasing (range/reps) is ideal for you to inevitably get exactly what you want out of the program at Humble Beast CrossFit. We have already extracted the most essential movements to do weekly (press, squat, bench, deadlift, and Olympic weightlifting lifts); we try to teach them with utter thoroughness and efficiency. 

The Humble Beast CrossFit program is designed to meet goals such as absolute strength gains, increased endurance and fat loss/ body composition changes. How you choose to follow the range/ reps scheme of the program and how closely you adhere to said range/ reps scheme will determine how successful you are at achieving your personal fitness goals. 

Back to School is Here: Time for New Workout Gear!

You may wonder, "Why do certain people wear so much “stuff” during the workouts?" Furthermore, sometimes they even change into/out of more stuff between portions of the class. The short answer is, safety. Some people may get coaxed into buying stuff from their favorite Instagram trend setter, or simply, someone in the gym has something and you feel like you need it as well. This month, we're focusing on accessing what gear you need versus want; why/how it would benefit you.

In today’s modern impulse driven market, there is literally something for everything. From a magnetic rack-attaching phone mount for WOD selfies to a small step stool to help you. With that being said, let’s take a moment (or blog post) to work our way from head-to-toe and look at the things we would (movement professionals) argue/suggest would be helpful for your fitness curriculum.

How the Humble Beast CrossFit Programming Differs from the Reebok CrossFit Games

Like every CrossFit gym worldwide, there is a prefix or suffix to CrossFit. The Reebok CrossFit games are no different. Each of the ~14,075 CrossFit affiliates worldwide are given the freedom to freely adapt the flexible and ambiguous definition of CrossFit (Constantly varied, functional movement, delivered with high/relative intensity). “The Reebok CrossFit games” are no different. If you simply look at the Reebok CrossFit games as just that, another, exclusive affiliate, you will easily see that it is not by any means, right or wrong, but rather, unique and designed for a unique purpose and goal. 

Percentage Lifting: Why?

There is a famous saying, and by famous I mean, not really famous but rather, something ignorant people say.. the saying goes: “ I ain’t got time for percentages!!!”

So here’s the scoop, training percentages have come about from years and years of empirical trials with recorded data, but never situated into a formal study, thus still relatively “unprofessional.”  Hundreds of thousands of weight-lifters found that, similarly to growing as a youth to adult, physiological change takes time.  Thus, the application or marginal stress introduction over similar/repetitive movement patterns. 

My Personal Goal to Motivate You at Humble Beast CrossFit

This blog post was written by Coach Kevin Higgins.

When I joined Humble Beast CrossFit in October 2014, I had zero clue on how to do squat. Literally, I couldn’t squat, bench press, power clean, deadlift, snatch or push press. Even prior to 2014, when I belonged to a globo gym, I’d go at some strange, off-peak hour, so no one would see me attempt to lift because 1) I had no idea what I was doing, 2) I was intimidated by the bro and bro-ette’s, and 3) I cared too much about what others would think of my fitness. I’m certain I carried all of these insecurities (and probably more) with me into Day 1 at Humble Beast CrossFit.