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WHOLE 30 Challenge

Hi guys! I became a RN because I wanted to support clients in all aspects of health. Whole health is my passion and teaching others is a critical vessel to achieving my goals at Humble Beast CrossFit and as a RN in general. I am here to serve you guys so please do not hesitate to reach out :)

I wanted to take a moment to communicate some information regarding the Whole 30 challenge that many of you have already done, are currently doing, or considering to do. I have so much to say about the Whole 30, but I will limit this post to key points for now and encourage you all to come ask questions or seek me out via email for further information and more importantly, individually relative information. You are all so different and that means that your current diets (paleo, vegetarian, vegan, lacto-vegetarian, gluten-free, restrictions due to food allergies, etc.), activity levels, BMR, ethnicity, lifestyle and goals all become factors in how adaptable your body will become and how quickly it will do so. These factors also predict the level of difficulty you will personally experience with the Whole 30 regimen. Why am I saying this? What does this mean? It means we are a community of individuals. Just like the WODs, we encourage each other to push through, but respect that their body's physiological and physical ability is not our own. The Whole 30 is a challenge within yourself, not with each other.

The Whole 30 is NOT:


Low Fat, Low Calories, Starvation, High protein, On the Go/ On the Fly planning, Trendy Fad Diet

The Whole 30 IS:


High Fat. YES high fat! You will be consuming roughly 70% of your total calories from fat which translating to a daily dietary fat intake of 150, 180,220 g of fat! This number depends on your BMR, sleep, activity levels, type of activity and most importantly how decreased your daily intake of calories from carbs become. Calories from carbs must be replaced with calories from fat!

This takes me to my next point. You will not be restricting Calories. You will be consuming the same calories but different percentages of macros. Once again, you will consume more fat than you currently do on a moderate to high carb diet.

No starvation.You will be eating! The Whole 30 will not work effectively (ketogenic) if you do not consume the adequate fats that are needed to metabolize and be used as fuel for your body and brain.  No skipping meals. You must consume breakfast (bulletproof coffee counts as breakfast) within an hour of waking. If you skip breakfast or skip meals or wait too long to eat, you will find yourself in an ATP depletion that will be very hard to physically, emotionally and mentally bounce back from.

This is a high fat and moderate protein diet. That means roughly 20% of calories will come from protein. Do not eat meat and eggs all day because it is fast or easy. Vegetables must be included at all meals so that you are getting essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients, fiber and… carbs! Your total carbs will come primarily from vegetables. Remember that there is a lot of fiber in vegetables and fruit so adjust accordingly for your net carb calculation. Fruit should be reserved for pre WOD and during the WOD or as a replacement to dessert cravings. Do not just eat it to eat it. Do not eat it because it is "allowed". Eat it because you want that quick rush of "allowed" sugar. I am making that point because it will help you severely with blood sugar control. If you consume servingS of fruit at one sitting, especially without including fats at that time… You will have a rebound hypoglycemia; not feel good AND be hungrier and craving carbs which just makes everything harder on you.

Do the Whole 30 Challenge to benefit your brain health, mental health, inflammation reduction, alcohol, sugar and carb abuse and of course physical appearance as well. Identify true intentions and realistic goals for the 30 day challenge.

If you made it this far in reading then you are aware that I mentioned that this would be a short post, which it is and for those who know me well, you know this is true LOL. It may seem like a lot here and there is even more. Implementation. The Whole 30 requires diligence. If you cheat, you start over at DAY ONE. No cheating and the most effective way to achieve that is planning and preparation. Link up with our Humble Beast CrossFit community for support, encouragement and W30 recipes (Coach MJ is a pro and has a ton of recipes). Since you will not be drinking (NO ALCOHOL), you may feel less compelled to attend social drinking events and bar hopping. Make some of your social gatherings or time with your significant other a fun tasting/cooking/potluck event of old or new experimental recipes. We can all learn a lot from each other and online blogs in terms of hints, preparation and recipes. Just remember that we are all unique. What may work for one individual does not always work for another individual.


Take your time to prepare and educate yourself on the details of this amazing regimen at


I hope this helps! I will continue to post if you guys find it to be helpful :)


USAW American Open

This weekend, the USAW (United States Weightlifting Organization) will be hosting the American Open championship just four blocks from humble BEAST CrossFit at the Washington Hilton, Thursday (12/11)- Sunday (12/14).  We, humble BEAST, have volunteered our space and community to assist the event.  If you would like to help volunteer this weekend please contact Lindsay for details. The humble BEAST Barbell Club will be volunteering as barbell loaders during the Thursday/Friday competition sessions.  There are other jobs and time frames that the committee could use volunteers for as well.  If you do not wish to volunteer, we encourage you to attend the event and rep humble BEAST. Humble Beast Barbell Club invites you to join us by showing love for the sport and the spirit of our community!

Here is the Volunteer schedule:

Thursday Check in at 3:30pm, session 4-6pm

Friday Check in at 8:30am. sessions 9am-3:30pm

Week 9.22.14

team hbbc I am far too exhausted to write up even 5% of how amazing of an experience the White Rose competition was from an athlete and a coaches point of view.  I saw lifters grow so much over the past three months; it truly humbles me every time I step into the gym and see you humble beasts lift.  For those of you following the strength program, as you approach month 3, and for those of you on your test month (4)…. Get ready to enjoy some awesome measureable gains!

If you haven’t noticed yet, Melissa is our new AM coach.  She has been teaching the 730am class on tu/th and will start to assistant coach the evening classes.  If and when she is assisting I will announce it, otherwise, she is a student/athlete just like you, leave her alone and let her work out! #pleaseandthankyou


Click here for 9.22.14 program PDF