Week 2.22.16 w/ announcements

  • Fam- MJ’s dad is in the hospital, please be praying for him! She will be flying to go see him and be with her family at the end of this week. Please reach out to her in a positive manor if you would like to give/show support! There will NOT be YOGA this Saturday 2/27/16 due to her absence.
  • Swole-Mates: Find the event on Facebook if you are interested. There may be space available still. The details can be found here:
  • Thank you all for reaching out to Lindsay!   She loved every message she received! Her procedure went well! She has to have a second procedure done this Thursday so again; any prayers and wishes would be appreciated!
  • Please continue to check the lost and found and keep your equipment organized and in your travel gym bags. We will continue to purge the lost and found every month of items that are left there for more than three weeks.
  • There will be a “late-policy” post coming soon to address how your should/should not flow into class when arriving late.
  • Goal Board reminder: Remember to tell me (JJ), MJ, or Lindsay any goals you have! Don’t have a goal? Talk to us so we can set one! Let’s get your picture on the goal board/ accountability board!
  • New members!!! See a new face, introduce yourself!!! Be as helpful to them, as hopefully others were to you!


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Week 2.8.16

Reminder:  YOGA is always scheduled for Saturday at 10am.  If there is ever a cancelation we will give you guys plenty of notice on all social media pages, and write it on the board.  So YES, there WILL be YOGA this Saturday 2/13/16. The Swolemates event is posted on our social page (scheduled for 2/27/16), check it out if you're interested.

Get ready to enjoy a our-tee tough week 02.08.16